I want to let everyone know that you have a choice in churches. If your pastor is up there preaching its OK to refuse service to any group of minorities its a choice for you to stay there. If that church has too few patrons it will die. Period. Their hatred ideals with them. 
While most people understand that they have a choice to attend a church they rarely leave it out of a personal connection. I am asking that you starve the church that promotes hate. If someone from the LGBT community cant worship there without fear of persecution then you shouldn’t either. You shouldn’t support such practices and starve that church. What are you starving it from? Money and your ears.

Boycott hate. Boycott those who promote divisions of minorities. Don’t think its dangerous? Look at terrorism, it stems from that idea. These religious factions that splinter off into other organizations will eventually reach someone unstable enough to put into work something like Orlando again. Or the thousands of beatings and killings of LGBT people across the globe. 
If the message they are viciously bullying us with is not received and makes them lose money then the majority of them will stop preaching such things once they realize that its no longer lucrative.

I love God, God loves me and I have a right to defend His churchs integrity. It was meant to bring together, love and edify. Not persecute, isolate and be assaultive.

Starve the church, starve hate.

With Love
Jeff Utnage