I’ve said this before but an enemy serves you no purpose. You gain nothing from them. What little you can manage to glean is useless compared to the benefits of an ally.
I signed up for church again and am advising all of my Christian closet cases who want to come out to stay in the church. I know that gays aren’t welcome there and our facility Chaplain ( though he’s definitely NOT my chaplain) promotes gay bashing passively in church I still feel compelled to attend because of my principal above. As enemies they serve me no purpose.
What a waste of my time I would allowing if I walked around mad that I’m hated all the time. When we are put down and hated on it produces a thicker skin over time. But that doesn’t mean I don’t know it hurts. Every time I’m called a faggot or something else derogatory it stings and I know it. I feel it to. But that doesn’t change that we have to rise above them. Don’t let them talk down to us, make them shout up. Like angry children yelling at their parents over not getting a desert for the night. It may be annoying but we must not allow them to see us bothered by their tantrums. Just move on as if there isn’t another choice.
In prison your taught to react violently to harassment. Its crossed my mind. I go day after day without anyone out there helping me, but I know that if I start acting foolishly then what will that prove? That I’m still a monster…when I’m not. I made a terrible mistake, one which I wish I can take back. I’m a changed man and my actions prove it. Good or bad.
We run into people who are depressed and hurting and begging for help. People who really need help sometimes. They need a kind ear to listen to them whine for a few minutes. Just listen and encourage them, they will almost always answer there own questions if they have a body in front of them who genuinely cares. 
Instead of chewing them out for being behind the curve, uplift them and hold there hand while they catch up and watch them run ahead. So what if you have to do it dozens of times. 
When your to old to be vein and reflecting on your life those lives you’ve touched will be what your most proud of. Those people you put down will be your biggest regrets. 

So love, and then love some more. It serves you better.

With Love
Jeff Utnage