Humans cannot travel through the air from one place to another, or fly. However, we do. We have the ability to travel through the air. Allow me to point out that gravity dictates that a human cannot travel through the air. Also, we have no wings with which to propel ourselves.

Those were valid and good reason’s why we cannot fly. Yet we do.

It only took one good reason why we can in order to overcome every reason why we cannot. Get my point?

This does not just apply to flight, it also applies to our very lives. Like being unhappy or unsuccessful. Perhaps you were born underhanded, in poverty and in a neighborhood that is dictated by violence. You would have every reason in the world to believe that you must stay in those conditions.

Yet all you need is one good one to get out of them.

I am going to apply this to LGBT development. Despite the fact that it seems that entire countries and civilizations are against us we have one really good reason to overcome that. That reason is we exist…we are. The very fact that ‘we are’ is enough that we are equal and deserve such.

There may be all kinds of reasons that society has given you to stay in the closet and not be yourself, however none of them compare or can be stopped by the one good reason we have to be equal because we are.

All people are created equal. We are born from the womb with the God given right to happiness with ourselves. Other people’s opinions and weird interpretations of ancient text’s does not matter because, ‘we are.’

I have all kinds of reasons to not accomplish my goals but all I need is one good one to make it happen and overcome all of them. We went to the moon, can fly despite gravity and have no wings, we can agree on our disagreements and get along with people who hate us.

Nothing on this planet should stop you from accomplishing your goals. Period. History proves that the impossible is most definitely possible.

With Love
Jeff Utnage