I used to say that if I could take away my homosexuality that I would. I no longer say that because I didn’t choose this, no more than I can choose to take it away. Some force greater than myself chose this.

I used to be angry about it, resentful even. However, not anymore. Now, I find myself happy with my sexuality. After all, it’s not like I woke up one day, stretched my arms wide with a big yawn and said suddenly “man, I totally want to sleep with a dude today! Where’s the nearest penis..” Things don’t work like that.

Even though I didn’t wake up one day and suddenly make the conscious choice to be gay, I did wake up one day and make a conscious choice to admit it. I fought long enough and one of my best decisions I have made to date was coming out and “choosing” to accept myself.

I wish the same for everyone. Love who you are because we are unique and wonderfully crafted, works of art. There are few like us which makes us the rarest treasure. You are Princes and Princesses in my eyes, Queens and Kings. Nobody can change that opinion, nor would I want them too.

With Love

Jeff Utnage