I’ve had such a strong desire to fall in love, but that someone hasn’t come along. Some people out there say “why would someone want to fall in love with a prisoner?” Oh, I’m sorry, are we not worthy enough to be loved?? Look, I get it, being locked up is difficult at best but some of the happiest couple’s I know are separated by prison walls. It’s the ultimate challenge, also having a purely intellectual relationship, nothing physical other than a brief hug/kiss creates something magical. Try it, you might like it.

When you have a deep gravitational pull and incredible since of passion to be close to a man or woman what do you do? Yeah, I talk with “girlfriend’s” on the telly, visit with some of the best, and write letters. This is equal to standing in front of a Cold Stone Ice Cream shop window on a hot summers day, and not being able to go in, because there’s no door.

I still have the need to be loved, and to express endless love, so what have I done?? Look, I was going to burst from waiting to fall in love, whatever that incredible feeling is made of, I had nowhere else to put it, so I filled a billion hot air balloons with it. Yeah, that’s right.

This message is for every beautiful fun loving openhearted woman………..
Until we meet and I lift you off your feet, I’ll be filling hot air balloons with my endless love waiting for this daydream to turn reality.

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With Endless Love,
Marshall Byers

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