We here at www.lgbtqprisonsupport.com are advocates of our 1st amendment rights, (our freedom of speech). Which is basically what this site promotes.

As inmates we are all but silenced, sent to a space where our voices are unheard and stifled. When we do speak up it is met with vengeance and arrogance enforced by the uneducated and slaves of a governmental system meant to keep you (the general public) in fear of us (felons).

When we are given the opportunity to be heard we can be difficult to understand at times, to relate to.

This is why we have a variety of writers with differing opinions writing content that is diverse in its nature and writing styles. While we are admittedly unorthodox, we are unique. Our unique freedom, expressed here, is meaningful to us and allows for a type of emotional exhaustion we do not get anywhere else, at any time.

While it is perfectly acceptable, and welcomed, to have differing opinions and even strong emotional responses to some of the content here, we will NEVER censor our writers or contributors. Since this site is about the freedom that comes with LGBTQ expression AND that of its allies, sometimes that expressive freedom is uncomfortable for others to experience.

We understand this, likewise, we hope you understand us as well.

With Love…and Freedom,
Jeff “Jeffebelle” Utnage