I could spout all kinds of nostalgic memories of how women shaped my life, everyone can. If memories could bring about equality…well, this wouldn’t even be a discussion.

I wish I could say that equality is almost a non-issue. Have you watched the news lately? No need to point it out, were all holding our breath hoping the next Charlottesville isn’t our main street. 

Maybe we should be though…

Women have exceeded men in many higher education degrees. Proving not only their equal to men but have significant strengths that are clearly underestimated. Yet, the national pay average for women vs men says that women earn .23/cents less for the same job with the same qualifications and in many cases, are more qualified for the job. 

They make up less than 10% of the top executive positions and those that are there, earn less. As much as $31k less per year, according to some reports.

How does this relate back to LGBT? Besides the fact that our sisters (gay, bisexual, and trans women) are directly affected by this it still means that straight white American men are favoring one another. Which leaves little room for qualified minorities, LGBT people (at least “out” ones), or anyone else they don’t “like.” It still means that WE don’t have a seat at the table, still leaving US marginalized. 

When one group is discriminated against it is a “we” problem. By allowing discrimination against anyone, it opens the door for more. 

First we are refusing service to gay weddings at a floral shop, then were banning trans people from the military, then were protecting straight white men’s right to supremecy…what’s next? Next its women being stifled back into the corner, then its gays are being murdered and driven out, then its poor people are being segregated into tightly packed urban areas being blocked access to the same education opportunities offered to rich white kids. Oh wait, this happening already.

See where this is heading? We can pretend to not be affected by such things. But the ripple effects of hatred, bigotry, classism, superiority, and fear of change are far reaching. What begins as a small earthquake on one side of the ocean ends in a life ending tsunami on the other.

Should we fight for equal rights of women as LGBT…absolutely, we should fight for it with every ounce of energy we have. It starts by not supporting companies who are ignoring the problem. Don’t forget the power you have as a consumer, the power of choice. Its so easy to go elsewhere and to make sure the company knows why they don’t get your business. Out them on social media, blog about them. Praise the ones that are fair.

With Love,