As a trans woman who is incarcerated I have a vicious, but enjoyable morning routine. Its process is much like that of any other woman’s, with the exception of applying make-up. I spend about 30 minutes in the mirror brushing my hair and cleaning up eyebrows and plucking unwanted rogues on my lip. All that is about to change, make-up is now allowed in Washington State men’s prisons for TGNC incarcerated folks.

It’s expensive and limited and we can only buy it off of our personal accounts, unlike cis-women who can get these items purchased by their families through a vendor called Union Supply. I also have to go through Union Supply, I just have to buy the things myself. My friends and family can send me money for this cause, I need about $50 to buy everything. Problem is, our money gets taxed coming in.

In order for me to get $50 on my personal spendable account, I have to have $200 sent in. My tax rate is 75 percent. 

So its going to cost me quite a bit to feel like a woman, perhaps I could get a little help?

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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