I wonder about how straight women, generally speaking, feel about dating a man who is bisexual. I haven’t spoken to many straight women in regards to this, but I have heard a few conversations. 

The few women I have heard speak on this hold this view point that the man is somehow…tainted meat. As if there is something now wrong with him. As if he can no longer provide the security or benefits of masculinity, if there is any.

I would like to challenge this directly as bigotry carefully disguised as tradition. I get that some women and men want those traditional masculine and feminine roles intact within their union, more power to them. However, the notion that a man is no longer capable of masculinity because he has had physical relations, or would have them, with the same sex is ridiculous. That’s like saying because a woman wears pants she is somehow less capable of motherly duties. Let’s come out of the 20’s ya’ll. If that era and its traditions were really so savory for those who lived them, they would have passed on…don’t ya think?

I am sensible enough to not limit myself. Love is love. No matter who it is from. It is highly unlikely, however plausible, that I would date or show interest in another woman. That is not to say I wouldn’t be open to it. I am not looking for this though, because deep down I know that the parts a woman has are not the parts I think about sexually. 

I just wonder how a woman could have “a ton of gay friends” and not be comfortable with having a bisexual partner. It opens up far more possibilities in the bedroom, just sayin’. But not always, I have found that many bisexual men really like the roles of the gender. They want their women feminine and they want their men to be masculine. Though this isn’t the rule, just my recent experience, which I admit is narrow by a global standard. What’s wrong with a little seasoning? If a bisexual man is willing to be monogamous (assuming that’s what’s wanted in the first place) and stay appreciative of your womanhood, what’s the issue if in his past he’s engaged in same sex, sex?

Open up, just a touch…

With Love
Jeff Utnage