Heck yeah! How is everyone doing today? I was thinking about you, being the outside world and all, and how much you contribute in liberating me. Thank you for choosing to read what I write. I’m driven by a deep willingness and tenacity to reach out to the whole wide world.

My desire is to not only express my thoughts, life experiences, dreams, and goal’s, but let you get to know me in a profound way, and be a light so you can look into this dark and strange place.

I love stories about suburban life and the seemingly trivial events that fill your days there. I day dream a lot, pondering for hours, so much that if I was paid for this mental fortitude I could retire early in Cancun with my feet buried in their hot sandy beaches. Don’t worry, I won’t forget to apply that yummy fragrant banana boat sun tan lotion.

Yes, Ive developed a gigantic imagination to take me away form this place. It’s helped me to cope with some of the things I’ve seen and heard in the twelve years. P.T.S.D trauma for sure. Learning stress reduction skills has also help tremendously, like wiggling my toes. Yes, wiggling your toes helps! Try it right now. Doing this helps focus your attention on then amazing little toes, calming the negative thoughts.

I can’t help but smile doing the wiggle, please let me know what you think. 

Marshall Byers
for www.lgbtqprisonsupport.com