I have been asked frequently why anyone would read lgbtqprisonsupport.com; how is it relevant to your life? Why does it matter? Let me explain…

In Washington State there are approximately 17,500 incarcerated people, according to information available to me. Now I am going to guesstimate that the average prison sentence is right around 24-36 months (this is an educated estimate based on being here for over 6 years and knowing the sentence length of those around me, it may be less or a little more).

The recidivism rate is approximately 67%, of the prison population. Recidivism is the term used for recommitting crimes after incarceration. That means that out of 17,500 prisoners, 11,667 are going to release and commit another offense, or crime, statistically speaking. That means that only 5833 people are either never getting out or are not going to commit another crime. 

So who cares, right? You should! Those 11,667 new crimes means that 11,667 NEW victims! This does NOT include the new criminals committing crimes every year adding to that number of yearly victims!! This means that this year alone in only Washington State that there will be 11,667 new rapes, murders, robberies, thefts, drug deals, or other crimes committed ONLY by those who have already been caught once already. 

What if it was your car that got stolen, or your house broken into? What if it was your daughter raped, or your husband beaten or worse? 

Now, let’s say that something terrible happened and you become the victim or someone close to you becomes a victim (God forbid!) Now what if I were to tell you it could have been completely avoided? Maddening right? It didn’t have to happen. It wasn’t fate, or karma or whatever justification you can provide. It was because someone did NOT get the HELP they needed when the opportunity was available (prison). 

I have turned my life around in prison. That’s all well and good, but it doesn’t do any bit of good if I don’t take this knowledge of how I did it and help others BEFORE a crime is committed! Not in my mind anyway. I hate the fact I hurt somebody and there ain’t nothing I can do to take it back or fix it…absolutely nothing. That’s a two way street, the person I hurt can’t undo it either. They will, tragically, have that memory for life. 

I want to prevent this in ANY capacity. I want to prevent you from being part of this statistic in any way. It takes honest conversation, open minds and a willingness to help those who want it, they are out there, believe me. 

I have an idea, a dream. To reach out to those high-risk people like I once was and help them BEFORE they committee a crime, before yet another victim is created. It’s possible, it’s realistic and you don’t have to be a millionaire or politician to do it. No sir, no ma’am.

I know I have made a difference in here. I know that my mentoring, speeches, teaching classes, and even this site has helped people for the better in some way.

But its not enough, together we can do more. Together we can end this cycle of pain.

Continue reading, I will be writing more about how you out there can help reduce recidivism, making your community and life safer. Protecting those you love without the use of violence, hatred, and anger. Helping heal instead of tearing apart. 

If you have ideas, things you do already or know someone who does something to help this in some way, I would like to hear about it! Even someone as disliked and tenacious as me needs inspiration, I would sure appreciate it!

Leave a comment,send me a letter, or share us with a friend!

With Love
Jeff Utnage