I see a problem. It’s in the Mission Statement of an organization. It is the purpose of their existence. But, does it actually get accomplished? If it never gets accomplished, who’s fault is that? We could pin it on society, leadership, the “cause,” money…but it really boils down to a missing step on the organizations part. 

I recently learned a term coined “helicoptering.” Its where a leader takes their board and management team up high enough to see the big picture. As activists we get so wrapped up in this tiny lane of injustice that we forget about humanity, inclusion, socializing, and others self-interest. But, as leaders we must have the wherewithal to take our constituents to higher ground so they can see the totality of a situation.

When a Mission Statement only gets partially accomplished, its not a failure. It is only problematic because the longer a mission goes unaccomplished, the harder it becomes to keep constituents. Its a time to readjust, perhaps stay the course, or seek advice. 

For example: the LGBT community has a real problem. We have lesbians, gays, platinum gays, golden gays, silver gays, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, poly sexual, transgendered, gender non conforming, gender queer, gender fluid, queer, questioning…did I miss anyone? We are divided. We invent some new term to further divide, like platinum gay (whoever invented this ought to be ashamed of themselves) and this creates fissures that nobody understands how to navigate. Its like this in every community though. Every community has class ism and elitism. 

So here is my conclusion. Take a good hard look at your goals, which should be referenced in your Mission Statement, and then take you and your team to higher ground, do an environmental scan and identify the stakeholders you have forgotten about. Then include them in the process of planning, accept their different point of view, which is of high value, and reformulate a plan if necessary. But work, always seeking new information. That is the key folks.

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