This is a special needs prison. This place gets all the people who can’t be at a regular prison, because of whatever. In my case, I’m a drop out from a gang that technically never existed! That explanation is kind of a long story, but suffice it to say that I’m almost considered NOT a drop out. Be that as it may, I worked my butt off to get here. Yes. I came here to better my situation so that I can continue to make positive life changes in a more accepting atmosphere. I don’t consider my crime to be any better or worse than the next guy, because no crime is a good crime. And if you strip it all down to the nuts and bolts, then everyone here is here to make changes. If you’re a sex offender, then this is a positive place for that type of treatment. If you’re crossed out and have a hit placed on you, then this place is safe, and you can begin to turn your life around. As well, if you’re a drop out, then it is fact that you have already taken TWO steps in the right direction. First, you dropped out! Awesome.. Gangs don’t take kindly to their members leaving, and so it was a brave move. Second, in order to get here after dropping out, you must successfully complete an intense rehabilitative program. This took me 1 year to complete, and it was the best choice I made.

Point being, that you have already taken two steps into some serious personal growth. AHEM… Let me vent. I’m embarrassed to be labelled a drop out. Not because I quit. Not because the “cool kids” think I’m less cool. None that. It’s because all the other drop outs come here, where none of he dangerous politics exist, and “re-activate” with all of their loser friends, so that they can FINALLY have that chance to be the tough guy. Of courses nobody beats them up or stops it, BECAUSE WE’RE ALL HERE TO MAKE POSITIVE CHANGES!! Dude.. If you come here thinking your better than the next guy, then go somewhere else. We’re all here for a reason.. or did you forget that while you were s? Why he hell is it that there are more Surenos and Nortenos, bloods and crips, Aryan family and skin heads at a drop out prison than at a regular prison? I have the answer to that… There Isn’t! Please guys, you’re embarrassing me just by your being housed in the same facility as me.

Why do you make fun of decent people? Why do you think you’re actually cool? Why do you think it’s cool to do shady things? Why is a murder “solid”? Why do you train to become a better criminal when you fought for a whole year to leave the gang? Why do you come HERE to be a better criminal? Can’t you be even better at a super max? Please.. be delusional somewhere else. We have all had quite enough.

P.S. Congratulations.. now you can’t even get a job at a circus with those “cool” face tattoos.














































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