Religious freedom allows for any man to use a recognized religions doctrine to be abusive. While I recognize that some use it for moral purposes I have found that there are some really bad people who use this.
I used to agree with having religion fused with our government. Having now been on the receiving end of its abuse…my tone is vastly different. He government either needs to get all the way in the water or all the way out. Either step in and regulate the hate machines that ate becoming the “Christian” church (though, this is NOT Christianity!!!!) and set guidelines for verbal assault or take religion as a whole out of the law. If its God your worried about, I suspect He’s already sorely dissapointed and its not because of gays or equal restroom use. 
Here’s the real issue at hand. You have people running around telling other people they need to change something they can’t. Let’s compare this to African Americans today. Its just like a group of whites running around with white sheets on their head (because they’re COWARDS!) and telling every African American that if they pray enough and believe enough tomorrow they’ll wake up white and saved. 
Now imagine the psychological damage that can occur over an extended period of time. This verbal abuse leads to depression, suicides, drug use, physical assaults, mass shootings, organized terrorism and our government is protective it. 
Then they look at the people and get confused and dismayed when Orlando happens. You can’t promote the isolation and eradication of a group of people and then pretend to be horrified when someone actually tries it. 
Any religious person that persecutes anyone from the LGBTQ + community, and by persecution I mean verbal abuse or physical abuse should be held accountable for the effected persons damage. Just like if you taunt a person and he commits suicide, your a bully in that situation and should be held accountable for driving him into despair. 
Religious freedom is a code word for hate in my book. Hate groups like Nazis and the KKK all operate under this umbrella of “religious freedom”. Westboro Baptists ( the ones who abuse and brainwash their children by making them protest soldier burials and protest other churches) is another one. Best believe that if your church is telling you to not accept LGBT + people, they are yoked together with these organizations. If they tell you its OK to refuse service to us, or treat us poorly or throw words that will not edify us into our lives…yeah, that’s the same thing those other guys do. 
Christians listen up: if your church is in the same category with the KKK then perhaps you should demand better from your church officials. They survive on your money. They can’t operate without it. 

Religious freedom = Legal Discrimination

With Love
Jeff Utnage