I live at the intersection of Christianity and Homosexuality. For me, they coincide just fine, so that intersection feels alot like home. For them, its shaky ground at best. 

I make Christians nervous, most homosexuals who are strong in their faith do. This, I assume, is because I represent equality in a realm in which they were once elite. When the equality of Christ is practiced by us in the LGBT community it offends them.

I used to try and find brothers in the faith that I could talk to, but the conversation always turned to my sexuality. They always wanted to get me to change to meet their ideology so they felt justified and when I don’t bend it sends them into a tirade. As a result, I got well versed in combating their quotations, because truthfully, they are all the same.

Some newborn, freshly saved, thinks that he has God figured out man child reads a few scriptures over a few months and prays diligently and then they try to step to the plate with me, someone who has spent years, literally, studying the word. Good luck.

Now they don’t even try, they don’t invite me to pray, or read, or try to convert me anymore. Strange, Jesus certainly hasn’t given up. We talk daily, me and Jesus. We get along fine, best friends in fact. 

Just some thoughts.

With Love
Jeff “Jeffebelle”