So to try to finish up my last thought before I had to go, I was talking about how things in the past were a lot more complicated for a person like me, black and gay, before these more enlightened times. And the changes that have been experienced by our society didn’t happen on their own, but people had to be strong, put targets on their backs and have the courage to say that institutional racism and misogyny were unfair and un-American. These ordinary people put aside their comfort and security, many risking their lives for a change that many of them would not benefit from in their own lifetime.

When I realized this, I saw that I would never be that courageous and selfless to put my life on the line for others, but I’m very much willing to live a life of comparable ease on the suffering, trials and blood of those heroes. So that’s where I’ve decided to find my Pride, by honoring those who came before, and honoring their hard work and sacrifice, so that I can be free and equal.

But of course the work isn’t done. Many years have been spent trying to get people to see past color, race, nationality, and gender, to judge individuals as such and not stereotyping groups. The civil rights movement and the women’s liberation movement both moved mountains but there is still racism and misogyny. 

Hopefully we can all be open enough to listen to each other and empathize around the human condition, finding our common ties rather than dissecting our differences.”

Crazy that I’ve run out of time, while doing time but that’s how life is. 

Until next time, thank you and enjoy the sun!

That Guy!