I have a question I use to challenge myself and my goals. Recently I created a 5-year goal plan, here we are 4 months later and I am realizing I thought to small. In fact, that’s a problem I identified with nearly everyone I know, selling ourselves short of what we are truly capable of.

In my Mastermind group (Marshall, Q, and I) we challenged one another’s goals by asking a simple question: “What’s bigger than that?” This is how I set the goal of speaking at the United Nations Headquarters. It began as I want to speak at legislative hearings and big businesses about diversity and inclusion and I kept asking myself “what’s bigger than that?”.

I want to own a successful HR consultancy that I use to fund a nonprofit. What’s bigger than that? Going nationwide.

What’s bigger than that?
Establishing networks into every business with 15 or more employees.

What’s bigger than that?  
Raising enough annual revenue that we can begin funding prison-based programs nationally that are voted on by the public?

What’s bigger than that?
Being so effective that prisons rename prisoners to students and prisons begin to shut down on a massive scale that in turn causes a job loss crisis in the criminal justice field sending millions of prosecutors, attorneys, officers, administrative personnel, and prison-based businesses straight to the unemployment line.

Dream bigger, and if you need help doing this exercise, email me, I can help you reset your goals so that you aim high enough for yourself, so high you don’t even know how your going to get there, but you will. Let’s succeed together!

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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