I started crying the other day, I heard the MHS football game going on from my living unit, looked up through prison bars to the sliver of bleachers in hopes of seeing my kids….and then wondering to myself……would I even recognize them if they were sitting up there. It’s been so many years since I’ve seen them face to face. Doing prison time next to the school where my children attend is incredibly difficult but yet somehow comforting.

I screamed their names and how much I love and miss them, how proud I am to be their father through the rows of razor wire and chain link fence till I lost my voice today. Some of the inmates told me I was crazy and that my kids would never hear me so just give up. I responded with, I’ll never give up fighting to see my children and letting them know how much they are loved by me.

I sent my son and daughter a letter telling them all about this experience of being so close to them, but yet so very far apart. I keep sharing my personal development and daily successes with them as well, because if I die in prison I would want them to know I did everything to become the best me possible, and that I never gave up on expressing my deep love for them.

My hope is that my kids will say one day……………..
Dad, we love you, know matter what mom may say about you.

Marshall Byers