Remember as a child when we used to cry about some other kid not liking us? It hurt our feelings. It seemed like the whole world was about to end if little Susie or Jimmie didn’t like us.

Sounds ridiculous right? Here we are however many years later and some still react the same way! Adults crying that some person doesn’t like them. I am just as guilty of it as everyone else. The difference is I have moved on from this and this is how, I hope it helps somebody.

It doesn’t matter why someone hates you or “dislikes” you or “loves you but hates your…whatever.” Some people hate me because of my crime, some because of my sexuality, some because I wear my hair in a pony tail. Some hate me because I ignored them once or I am too sure of my life’s direction. Some hate me because I smile at them.

We can’t please everyone. Not possible. Even the president can only please a portion. So we focus on what we can do and ignore what we have no say in. The truth is people cannot hate you unless they think about you right? That means you occupy space in their head. At the very least your unforgettable.

Skip over them, hate is beneath you. Hater who? Wait, who are you again? Don’t even think about them. Treat them like the small child they are, ignore the bad behavior and reward the good. (if it ever comes!)

Look y’all, we ain’t perfect and that’s OK. Sometimes we deserve to get a little shade thrown our way. Sometimes we don’t. But the more successful you become in ANYTHING the more people notice and negativity just comes with the territory.

So whatever it is you got going on, just keep doing it. Don’t stop on account of someone who can’t do what your doing. 

With Love
Jeff Utnage