So I was watching the news this morning (which is obviously not advisable to any sane person) and one of the topics that came up is that in San Francisco it is now encouraged to call a Felon – wait for it… Justice Involved. Seriously? 

Words matter people. I understand the purpose behind trying to help make it easier for prisoners to reenter society but by trying to do this by softening language is laughable. If a convict is going to use the excuse that he or she failed because of a label that someone put upon them, then they are not ready to enter society in general. 

I am a convict. Even though I am called a convict, felon, offender (I especially dislike that one), this does not prevent me from moving forward in my life. This label does not make me who I am. I committed a crime for which it was deemed necessary that I needed to be seperated from society. I accept that. It is now my responsibility to make sure that the time I spend here prepares me for the day I am eventually released from prison. This includes being prepared for someone on the streets to feel uncomfortable in my presence due to a series of flawed life choices. John Wayne famously said “Life is tough. Its tougher if you’re stupid.” This goes for everyone on the inside as well as folks on the outside, especially in San Francisco. 

By Ryan Erker

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