I am involved in a program here which I shall not name. What I do is guide, support, encourage and prepare incarcerated individuals in order to achieve success upon release. I am one among a dozen individuals who volunteer our time in this endeavor. I was recently in a meeting in which my sexuality was mentioned in a positive context. Basically, a long time friend from back in the days when I Was deep in the closet and everything was drugs tattoos and violence, used himself and I as examples of change, of letting go of the past and tendencies of conformity for the sake of survival. He spoke about how he used to be unable to tolerate people who identified as L.G.B.T.Q. but now some of his closest friends( here he indicated me through gesture) identify among such people.

Immediately some people became very uncomfortable. The body language spoke volumes. It did not bother me, rather, it provoked me to contemplation.
I thought back on all the things I used do motivated by insecurity or fear. I recalled how much I came to hate myself for doing that which I hated in others.

My law is love. love motivates me and propels me towards compassion. I think of all my beautiful, colorful brothers, sisters and others here within my precious L.G.B.T.Q. Community, of how much they need love and acceptance. I refuse to allow the toxic intolerance of others cripple me from being of service to those who need me. I love them.

Sacred Space

My heart is a sanctuary, if that is true
then my arms are a temple.
My legs are strong, my spirit is steadfast.
My strength is my love, and if all this is true
then I am a sacred space.

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In solidarity
James Cody Goodwin

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