Sometimes it feels like we have to lay down and accept certain things about the world around us. That they are out of our control. However, we underestimate ourselves.

As ordinary people we are capable of extraordinary results. We can motivate those around us, or demotivate them. We can empower, or weaken. Encourage or insult. As individuals we can build or tear down.

Some situations seem so out of your control. Like other peoples actions. But we can influence others actions, can we not? 

I have a challenge for you, say something genuinely encouraging to everyone you come across today. Everyone. Don’t be fake or phony, legitimately compliment or encourage them. See what happens. Then, do it again the next day. Take careful notice of the atmosphere around you before and after. Just by you being positive and uplifting you will change the environment wherever you go.

Now, if you create a positive environment, what kinds of things will be more likely to happen in your newly created environment? Positive things! Now, imagine that for each “unchangeable” scenerio in you view. That coworker is a always trying to make you look bad, you have a neighbor who refuses to be quiet at night, you don’t like the election results etc. There is something you can do about all of them and it begins with positivity. Sounds clich, but its true. 
We can challenge our electoral process, we have that right. We can challenge who Trump puts in office too. Your coworker is tamable, trust me. Spend a few days building up and empowering everyone around you and your coworkers antics will be useless against you, but if you lay down and get angry…it only helps them win people over against you…after all, look how angry you are at work.

Your ability to influence your environment is solely up to you and your voice is so powerful. We can make a difference in our world, which is in a bigger world. Our healthy ecosystem will attract other healthy ecosystems.

Your worth your own investment! 

With Love
Jeff Utnage