I wonder what would happen if you lined up 100 close up shots of 100 rear ends in the same outfit…50 men, 50 women and you couldn’t tell who was what gender. Make it a game. Not who is male and who is female but which behind you find attractive. I wonder how many people would be surprised at their answers.

What if sexuality was gender-less? What if people just fell in love because it was actual love? Not because their little box of rules said “because you like male genitalia, you are gay.” What if we looked beyond the genitals to the person? 

What if you could only communicate through letters and everything that indicated the others sex was redacted so that you could only talk to the persons true inner being, would love exist in that plain? Could we as a society, as individuals even, be comfortable enough with love to admit its universal and gender-less?

Food for thought. I am guilty of it to. I have rules I follow in regards to who I allow myself to associate with relationship material. Like gender, personality type, demeanor, age (gotta be at least close to my age or older!) But I have universal things that mean more, like being nice. I need that above all. Someone who is just legit nice. Being nice doesn’t mean a gender. Could I love a woman based on that alone? Yeah, sure. Would I? Well…she’d have to be one special woman with some very specific bedroom qualities…just saying. But if I loved whoever, I would even give up that for them. Then again, if it was love, I wouldn’t have to, would I? 

Love shouldn’t be complicated. It should be easy and frequent. Love should be…freedom.

With Love
Jeff Utnage