What Does It Mean To Love?

Love isn’t judgement
Love isn’t “you need to change”
Love isn’t puffed up
Love isn’t ego
Love isn’t hurt feelings
Love isn’t resentment
Love isn’t “I love you, but hate your sin”
Love isn’t words
Love isn’t put downs
Love isn’t pessimistic
Love isn’t wrong

Love is kind
Love is accepting
Love is challenging
Love is “I love you anyway”
Love is blind
Love is worth your time
Love is not concerned with your sexuality
Love is our goal

Love isn’t physical or verbal. Love is just flat out acceptance. Its the “I’m going to meet you where your at because I don’t care about your mistakes”. Love is something I didn’t know fully until someone loved me unconditionally. You know what? It felt good. Not like a one time physical release or a full stomach kind of good. But the kind that overwhelmed you with tears because you can’t help it kind of good. The kind where you feel safe and secure to be you because there’s at least one person who knows exactly who you are and says “I still love you”.

I would like you to add to the list of what love is. Leave a comment of what love is to you, it may just change someones life…

With Love
Jeff Utnage