Day 2 after taking the Moderna second dose:

My first day was miserable. But I slept great last night after finally breaking weak and taking 2 over the counter pain relievers. One thing I noticed was that slept through the night and I woke up later than usual. But I was pain free and full of energy.

All in all, I haven’t noticed any short term effects on my body that alarm me or make me feel that it has interacted with my HRT in some negative way. Again, I am no doctor and am not giving medical advice, but I don’t regret taking the COVID-19 Moderna Vaccines. Glad its done.

Now, my next adventure, I’ll try to make bacon jelly here in prison. Sounds good. I think I’ll mix apple jelly with bacon and bacon grease to recook it let it congeal. Spread it on a cake or something…who knows.

With Love

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