I built the courage up and walked down to the Thursday night unity meeting. I had been invited months ago. If it wasn’t for Ruth I most likely would have never gone. Let me just tell the world how Amazing Ruth is. Out of the hundreds of people here in this institution of which I know just about everyone, I look to Ruth when I need help, encouragement, advice, insight, friendship, feedback, or just a high five and some laughter.

Ruth, has helped me get through the toughest part of school. Math. Look, I wanted to give up so many times in the middle of class, all out crying, ready to have a complete meltdown. Ruth, with all the patience in the world talked me through each step. Ruth motivated me in such a profound way that I changed my whole outlook on the difficulties of education empowering me to further my education indefinitely.

Magic, I think not. Ruth is everything prison is not. If the lights went out we would all be able to see her, because she shines so bright that you need a pair of them crazy cool neon sunglasses to look at her. I’m honoured to have a friend in my life that demonstrates sound character, quality behavior and the courage filled willpower to make any asshole think twice before he/she bullied or belittled her.

Ruth is a valued member in our UW book club, Community Aide Collision, Toastmasters, College classes, facilitator for Unity and helps plan the yearly Pride event. I know Ruth does so much more, but the point I’d like to make is…… Ruth can watch t.v. till her eyes bleed, overeat, sleep all day and take pills for depression like hundreds of other inmates do, but Ruth takes advantage of positive opportunities contributing to our community (the planet) and overcoming her past by becoming the best her possible and helping others to do the same! Heck yeah!

Thank you Ruth Utnage for making me feel welcomed in Unity as an “Alli”.

Marshall Byers
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