2019 has started, ladies and gentlemen. There are big dreams to be had and lofty goals to be set. Lots to do and a whole year to do them… I made it a point to trim the fat where needed and focus on the details. This year I took a lesser role in some of my extra curricular events to focus more on work and relationships (friends, family, etc.). I made plans to help others step up into the roles I stepped down from and here’s how its gonna work… I’ll understand those details, want more and decide in six months that I’m going to get into a whole bunch of other projects I didn’t intend to get into and bite off more than I can chew.

I’m going to start on cruise control and in 120-180 days, I’m going to be breaking my neck to do entirely too much with too little and do you know what? I’ll bitch about it for a while and then I’ll be extremely satisfied that I have the desire to do too much and I’ll find harmony in the chaos of a breakneck speed. I’ll thank God for my ability to want to help in much bigger ways and I’ll find it successful. I think going to the edge of your limits and taking one calculated step over is a measure of success. Ask an explorer. He might agree. But I’ll arrive at 2020 in style!

So, let me just start week one by saying this year will be a success. Stress, chaos and fatigue included… Who’s comin’ with me?

Rory Andes
for www.lgbtqprisonsupport.com