I have a vision of what this site could be, what purposes it could fill, who it could be serving. I realized about two years ago that the millions of potential readers I had hoped for were going to take some serious work and I simply cannot do it alone. With that in mind we purchased the site name humanme.org.

Human Me is the future expansion of lgbtqprisonsupport.com. It will include all demographics and serve to give voices to prisoners all over the globe, but its main function will be to bridge the gap between the community and the inmate in a safe manner. Human Me will give inmates a way to write about their change process and that journey and allow their friends and family to do the same. The community can write full articles and simple comments to content they connect with or disagree with but in a manner that allows a barrier. The point would be for the community to see, first hand, what change actually looks like and to safely interact with that element.

Another important piece of this is Human Me’s Rehabilitation Program Incubator. We will post inmates rehabilitation program proposals that they submit and ask the public, friends and family to vote on what one they believe is the most likely to make an impact on rehabilitation, then Human Me will fund the program in the proposee’s institution. That’s the idea. I want to prove to the community that some inmates are more than capable of making changes and that whether they are murderers or sex offenders or non-violent offenders some have what it takes to change and Human Me aims to give them a platform to prove it.

What I need from you is feedback and advice, where’s the problems, what can I add? Why or why won’t it work?

Another important piece is partnerships, I need to build a Board of Directors and finance this ordeal. I have my thoughts on generating revenue, we have the option of two avenues a B-Corp triple bottom line organization selling ad space( or ??? ) or I could operate it as a non-profit and depend on grants and donations. I believe in both as feasible, both I would operate under the same principles and beliefs. Neither would be a get rich scheme.

Get ahold of me if you are interested in working with me.

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