We reach milestones on our journeys. We have to climb big mountains and fight our hearts out to gain a single step sometimes. All this is positive progress. Then something negative happens and it seems that all is lost.
Like quitting smoking. You go two weeks without a single cigarette. Then you get stressed out and without even thinking you buy a pack and light up. Its like starting all over again.
But it doesn’t have to be. It can be just that one. Yeah you smoked a cigarette, but it was only one in two weeks. Relax and point out the positive. That one cigarette didn’t set you back completely. If you still want to quit, your well on you way in that journey. On a side note, I haven’t smoked for almost eight years now, I still dream about smoking. Keep fighting guys, I know this is a hard one.
Anyway, that negative feeling can creep in and make you feel like a failure when your not. You have come a long ways and instead of focusing on that one bump, recognize the journey so far.
Your further along then you think!

With Love
Jeff Utnage