Our LGBT support group, Unity lost its sponsor. Our annual Pride event barely got a sponsor to keep it going until things get more stable. Our LGBT community inside prison is frustrated and looking for answers. No sooner did we lose our support group the institutional culture shifted.

Pride flyers are being torn down. Some folks are actively regressing into states of Neanderthalic name calling and throwing away our permission slips necessary to attend our Pride event as an inmate.

I wish I could recount how much hustle it took to even keep this going. I have done the planning, organizing, planning committee babysitting (kind of like herding cats), and even convincing a few of my fellow LGBT members to stop sabotaging our predecessors work.

LGBT inmates have experienced unspeakable hardships in prisons for decades. Letting our progress go to the wolves now feels like I’m letting myself down.

I’m tired ya’ll, but your girl Ruthie isn’t faint of heart.

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With Love
Jeff aka Ruth Utnage

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