I began watching NASCAR because of Danica Patrick. Nobody else in NASCAR I could identify with. First of all, they portray themselves as southern accented, men’s men. Which, does not exactly translate into LGBT friendly. It actually translates into do not attend NASCAR in person because you may just get butchered by some rebel flag carrying Baptist who either belongs to the KKK or his wife who hates you just as much. That’s NASCAR for me. Until Danica.

I would watch, in agony I might add, Danica get wrecked race after race. After several years and millions of dollars in wasted rubber and fuel, she walked away. But so did I. I enjoyed NASCAR so long as I had someone in the game, someone that flew in the face of all that stereotypical machismo. One could root for Bubba Wallace, someone who is African American, but this is not about NASCAR diversity, it is about who I identify with. I’m white and LGBT.

So, either NASCAR needs to groom a few LGBT folks or figure out a way to let folks like me get to know their drivers, because this NASCAR season, they lost a fan when they lost Danica.

With Love
Jeff “Jeffebelle”