Deprive yourself of sweets for a long period of time. Then, when you finally decide to have some, most of us eat them in excess. We often crave what we are deprived of.

The same for African American (or really any poorer, urban community, race doesn’t matter, however in this instance I’m referring to slavery) communities, historically, blacks were deprived of nice things and than made fun of for it. Seeing the white man with a silver spoon and fat belly drove home a point, having more expensive possessions meant respect. It’s not a surprise that one hundred + years later that same community is going to have very nice possessions. That’s what was deprived, first chance you get your buying whatever was on your mind. (I recognize a stereotype was used here, I also recognize its not true of every person of ethnic ancestry, its being used for a parallel, keep reading!!)

Gays have been always allowed to exist, so long as they are not practicing homosexuality. Think it, but don’t do it. Say it, don’t act like it. So its also not shocking that as the past three decades unfolded and homosexuality has become more acceptable publicly, that homosexuals will now be pushing the envelope of what they were deprived of for so long, practice.

Gays have always found ways to have sex, obviously. I’m talking about speaking about it openly. Its a common topic for LGBT people to be speaking of because its only been recently that its been OK to talk about publicly! Of course its going to be shouted from the rooftops and in your face. 

If it seems that LGBT people are always talking about sex, well…maybe we are. Maybe that’s because we have been so deprived of that taboo subject and now were never going back. Maybe that’s our way of bucking the system. Yeah, were going to be sexual and talk about it because were tired of hiding it from phobic officials and secretly gay pastors. So we are not going to hide it.

Enjoy your next rendezvous sweetie, tell Mamma all about it….

With Love
Jeff Utnage