I have a hotpot, an electric water carafe that heats water up to a specified temperature. When I go to pour water out into my cup and make my mornings instant coffee, water inevitably drips down the side and onto the counter in the middle of my pour.

Since it is just water I do not fuss about it too much, I simply pour slower, usually to no avail. I end up resigning to pouring faster and cleaning the puddle up. This is not unique to prison, no, it is a carafe issue. One day while I was drying my shoes out from my cellmate dribbling water into them, the carafe no doubt, I got to thinking did we not send rovers to Mars?

Did we not send out a multi billion dollar camera that will communicate photos through space for years, and from hundreds of thousands of miles away? Did we not figure out how to make two of the smallest things collide Into one another in a particle accelerator?

Yet we can’t invent a carafe that doesn’t spill water?

Perhaps we should master the small things first…just sayin’.

With Love
Jeff “Jeffebelle” Utnage