This is our next UW book club book. Today, October 19, 2019 was fascinating and full of surprise. I hurriedly walked down to our Sat. morning book club, well, it’s just what I do. Not only because it was all stormy and rainy, but I was so damn excited to meet our new UW students. Welcome Paul, Forest, Torry, Mindy and Ashley. Oh, there is one more student that couldn’t make it today, because he hasn’t turned 21 yet. Next month we’ll have to sing him happy birthday when he walks in.

Along with meeting our new crew, Ruth surprised us all by announcing her UW book club departure, because of a bigger commitment. Honestly, there will be a large void without her there. It’s kind of like going to a burger joint, and reading their sold out of everything but vanilla shakes. Yep, that’s right, Ruth adds major flavor, but my hope is that she will be replaced by someone as kickass, fun and friendly as herself.

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