There comes a point where you just have to face facts. LGBT is under attack. Mainly by religion. Whether its Christianity or Islam. 
Let me just say this before I continue. I recognize that not all Christians or Muslims are hate filled bigots using the guise of religion to justify self-serving hatred. OK, let’s continue.
My facility made a decision today that has brought tons of controversy. They moved a transgendered inmate into a unit that is dominated by Christians. Huge mistake. But this isn’t a facility problem, this is a global problem that is impacting LGBT+ people everywhere. Placing someone who identifies as trans. in a place where they are going to be basically psychologically tortured by other inmates under the cloak of religious freedom??? In the facilities defense that place is suppose to be the safest on the compound and in theory it sounds good. Until the religious Christians start brow beating her. Its not this direct or outright hate either. Its passive. Its done in prayer and through passive innuendoes. When they’re called on it the response is “I love the person, but hate their sin”. Or “we are to separate from those given to a debased mind”. 
Really? How do you separate from yourself? You aren’t called to judge! Your called to love. If you get to heaven and you haven’t loved and forgiven, then YOUR not getting in. 

I hate this “war”. Its unnecessary and is hurting a lot of people. If Gods people start hating any group of people then what distinguishes modern Christianity from the Nazis? After all, isn’t that what they were about, race cleansing? A group who believes in the eradication of another group of people, I believe there is a term for that, its called genocide. Also, its unacceptable.
In prison I hear guys saying that they are OK with gays, but dislike it being shoved down their throats. When I ask what is happening to make them feel that way…there getting recognition. Can you believe that? However, these same people are all for cops being killed. How awful. Some are even saying its necessary. What would Martin Luther King Jr. say about this? All of his sacrifices for peace and unity and this is what is done with it? Snipers and senseless death? 
I went to church again finally. I was told I was out of bounds by being the first one there. I knew I wasn’t welcome but I was on the call out like everyone else. So I sat down where I was highly visible. Some sneered at me, some welcomed me and others began praying at my sight. 
When they started singing I wasn’t into it. I was still upset, but managed through anyway. I didn’t feel connected to the church. There wasn’t any unity amongst them. Its only obvious that the church is very sick today. Unfortunately, many think LGBT is the reason. It couldn’t be them, oh no. Its definitely the gays. 
I can tell you what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna keep on going to church. I’m gonna sing and worship God. Let them get mad and preach against me, I don’t care. I’m already hated, so I might as well be rejoicing while its being done. Because that’s MY choice.

With Love 
Jeff Utnage