If you can think it, I believe it is at least partially possible. Case in point, a persons ability to fly, we do not have wings, however we do in fact fly. At least a form of it.

I have this crazy idea that I am told over and over again is impossible. I believe a victimless community is possible. A place where drugs are not, break-ins do not happen, murder and rape is no more. I believe in this.

That is what this is all about ultimately. I want to start with the LGBT community, remove victimization from among us. Then branch out.

Sounds lofty, imaginary. However, I can think it, so a form is possible. For all those who doubt I think Iggy Azalea said it best “don’t penny pinch, keep your two cents, I don’t need it.” If I’m wasting my time here, doing at least something to try to end victimization… I’m good with that.

We will be slowly transitioning into a more focused and concentrated concept. As I grow as a person my passion for this only grows. My zeal and tenacity only increases. Before I die, ending victims will be a movement, I promise…

With Love
Jeff Utnage