I hate gangs. It’s not just that gangs are violent, it’s the entire lifestyle. Many gang members are raised in that lifestyle to idolize those they fear.

Gangs serve two masters; money and power. As far as many of them are concerned you cannot have one without the other. What I legitimately hate about them is the victimization of the weak. They will exploit whoever they have to exploit in order to accomplish whatever it is they want. Pimping the neighborhood girl, selling drugs to the kids down the street and killing those who get in their way.

Being in prison has alerted me to the mentality behind this culture of people. Make no mistakes, it is a culture. A culture that was created out of fear and resumes in fear.

That is the driving force behind my vendetta, I refuse to fear anymore. I hate fear more than any person or gang. That’s the truth.

Fear is crippling and consuming, two things that are counterproductive to success. I want my fellow LGBT brothers and sisters to be successful and not have to raise their children in fear. I want them to be productive and create happy memories with their neighbors.

Apart of my life’s goals are to repay society for my wrongs by finding ways to reduce victimization. I will start by finding men and women like me who were in high risk situations and get them the help they need before they create a victim, in any sense. Once that is established and has a life of it’s own, meaning that it runs without my persistence, I will start working with people to target gangs.

Imagine a world without gangs and without sexual assaults. I have been called foolish to think that it could ever end. However, I would reply with it’s foolish to do nothing about it.

What would you rather happen: a loved one get assaulted sexually, or, not. Because the difference could literally be a program like the one that I have purposed to create. What if my program prevents just one sexual assault? Is that worth it? I think so, and to be honest, I don’t care who doesn’t agree…if it was easy it would have been done already, right??

With Love
Jeff Utnage