My partner, best friend and co-parent started the devastation that would become our ruined relationship on Valentine’s Day one year ago. She found someone new and moved her in on this “holiday”. But she could have said I was out before I dropped the $70 in effing flowers to send to her work so she’d feel special. She could have done so many things different that could have ended in unbridled respect and compassion from me. She didn’t…

I have many more friends who have done amazing things to pick me up and dust me off. I realize that now I have to wait to be something in my kid’s life because co-parenting isn’t on the front burner for her anymore. I have to wait to feel the love I was hoping for. But mostly, I realize now that the next time someone is given my heart, make sure she’s worth the effing flowers, my respect and my dignity too.

So here’s to my fellow peoples examining the scars from Valentine’s Days gone by… SOMEBODY LOVES YOU!!! Even if you have to read it, from a message written by an inmate, right here to get it! Here’s to us!


by Rory Andes

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