Yep, we the children of the UW Book Club will be on our own next month! It will be facilitated by one of the kickass students. Oh, and by the way…WELCOME MISS AMAZING UW LIBRARIAN, we are very excited for you to be apart of our little family.

The book we are currently reading is Larry Watson’s “Montana 1948”.

“The events of that small-town summer forever alter David Hayden’s view of his family: his self-effacing father, a sheriff who never wears his badge his clear-sighted mother his uncle, a charming war hero and respected doctor and the Hayden’s lively, statuesque Sioux housekeeper, Marie Little Soldier, whose revelations are at the heart of the story. It is a tale of love and courage, of power abused, and the terrible choice between family loyalty and justice.”

My life dramatically improves every time we meet. I most enjoy the freedom to laugh out loud with you all, and I value the humanity you bring. Thank you for being everything prison is not….and thaaaaank you for sharing my enthusiastic energy with the High Fives!
Wooooo-Hoooooo! Heck Yeah! You Guy’s Rock!

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