The pretty girl paradox is where the “pretty” girl always falls for the “ass-hat” while the “nice” guy “finishes last”. You notice I put those things in quotes, right? Guys who don’t get what they want call the guys that do get them, ass-hats. Pretty is highly subjective and the nice guy, well, the nice guy could be insecure and judgey.

Recently, and often, I am accused of being that pretty girl who only entertains ass-hats. The truth is, I do not like insecurity and timidity. I usually don’t entertain being pursued like a steak either. Because I am in prison my viewpoint is slanted, I do not view very many guys in here as datable, for a whole slew of reasons. But I can’t help it if I don’t like holding a guys hand in how to talk to me. Ass-hats, come to think of it, are more willing to speak to me in normal conversation. Plus, they make their intentions crystal clear, I appreciate that.

Oh, okay, I’ll be honest, I really like it when the ass-hat isn’t an ass-hat to me. He (or she) can be gruff and prickly to everyone else, to a degree, but with me they are soft as silk…Mm Mm honey, watch out. I’m a sucker for it.

Having said that, coming from a feminist stance, I don’t believe men should be the only pursuers in a relationship. My opinion: If I find someone attractive, they are going to know it because I will tell them. I don’t appreciate being hunted like a gazelle and do not need the chivalry that accompanies a mans ego when I have finally relented. That’s just me…

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