I just returned from UW book club. as usual it was awesome. dad was still absent though. this whole trip to Africa is starting to seem like the proverbial “just going out for cigarettes” line.

Have you seen our father? he is a UW PROFESSOR who loves books and disapproves of the use of profanity. if you see him send him back to us. 

Whatever dad.

Today’s get together was infected with a hint of sadness as we realized how little time we have left with this group of awesome individuals. we are all better people for having gotten to know our free world buddies and it is a bummer knowing we will never get to see them again.

Even the house Slitherin woman is super cool. they are not all villains in that house, some are just a little dark and mysterious with a lot of talent. however, if she was really a factor she would be in house Ravenclaw like myself.
I had a yawning sleepy panda next to me the whole morning. she was sliding out of her chair in exhaustion. I get it, your in college getting your PHD or whatever, blah blah blah. WAKE UP PANDA BEAR!!! we are going book clubbing! your supposed to leave the club tired, not show up that way. besides, with so many siblings there has to be a tattle tale in the mix and they are going to tell dad. if he ever gets back from bringing the gift of literature to the Congo, or whatever it is he is doing, your gonna be in trouble. my money is on Mr. HECK YEAH being the informant. Anyone that stoked about life in prison has to be shady. 🙂 

Any way, cool but sad day. Shout out my book club crew, y’all are awesome.

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