I had been working on educational materials for months. I had them all neat and tidy in one document on the computer.

When I had time I would add to it more educational materials. Then, one morning, it was gone. Someone deleted it.

So much work, gone. Luckily, whenever I would finish or revise a document I would print it as a backup. At first I was angry, but, I just began retyping. As I did I realized that this was an opportunity to make changes I hadn’t realized I needed.

What if we were able to address every negative situation with the same mindset? Things may get stressful, perhaps even tragic. However, we must move on.

The longer we stay and dwell in that negative, helpless state of uncertainty the longer our adversaries have to take strongholds in our lives. This is a result I just cannot live with. I have overcome to much to regress into fear or allow resentment to immobilize me. Frankly, I do not want any of my LGBT brothers and sisters doing it either.

As marginalized people the media portrays this image of “were there, we have an equal place at the table.” Which is great they do that, but we are not there yet. That’s what we are working for. Tragedy strikes one of us every day.

Sometimes its just dissatisfaction or disappointment. We have to CHOOSE to look for the outcome that will benefit us the most. Sometimes it seems impossible or unrealistic. When a loved one passes on there is no good in that for you. But how you honor and memorialize that person from now on can be good. That’s what I’m talking about.

Being held down by depression and anger and fear is the best possible outcome for someone who hates us. Why? Because then we are divided and easily defeated.

We are strong and when negative situations come our way, and they will, we can look for one another for support. Imagine a building floor. Big and heavy. Now, as one pillar we cannot hold it up alone, but when there are several pillars, we can hold it up with ease and then some.

With Love
Jeff Utnage