This years national Pride theme is “Unapologetically Proud.” I don’t think there is a better name for how we feel than this.

As a child of the 80’s I have felt the push/pull sting of LGBT rights. I have felt it mature, I have felt it progress into what it is today. People outside of our culture see the equality machine as this unique living, breathing organism that seeks to destroy their perfect white picket fences and unleashed Golden Retrievers. Those of us who have been fighting for our right to exist know better.

You see, I am not apologizing ever again for my sexuality. I did once. But never again. Telling anyone that I am ashamed of my homosexuality rolls off my tongue like razor blades in my throat. It drips with betrayal and dishonesty. 

I have a clear and definite view of exactly who I am and how I got this way. I am proud of it, I embrace it and I thank God for His gift of same-sex attraction and the ability to identify with both genders. To be able to wear all fabrics and colors unashamedly, to embody the best qualities of both women and men. 

The best part is, I am not sorry for it. I am no longer hiding it or ALLOWING ANYONE to make me feel ashamed of it. 

I am Unapologetically Proud of my uniqueness, my inner beauty that I did not create but what was given to me by some other force beyond my control. We are LGBT and we are Proud!

With Love
Jeff Utnage