I want my light/flame to burn so bright everyday that all the major sunglass manufacturing company’s have to work around the clock to produce a new kind of stylish, sexy, cool safe lens to protect the public from this galvanizing burst of light radiating out of my body!

I wake up tingling with pure excitement, swelled with emotion, toss and turn, tumble, wriggle, wiggle, squirm, twitch and jerk….I think I have ants in my pants. Beneath my skin feels like its right on the verge of catching fire, glowing crimson, deep ebullient, electrifying energy.

I grew up around every type of fence as a kid, and not one of them kept me in or out….till now of course, but let’s get back to me being a kid. There was/is a chunk of land owned by The Myers family out on Old Owens Road. They had horses and a puffy white barking big dog. I would cut through their property at night so I could get over to other neighborhoods faster.

I loved the rush as a kid possibly being shot by rock salt from old man Myers and trying to out run that damn puffy white barking big dog. One night sprinting through the grassland horse meadows, it wasn’t being shot by rock salt or the big dog after me, it was a stampede of pissed off horses about to trample me. I ran for too long looking over my shoulder thinking I could make it to the fence before they get me, and BAM I hit the electric fence at full speed somehow grabbing onto it with both hands zzzzzzzzz! zzzzzzzzzzzz! zzzzzzz!

I couldn’t let go?? To this day I still remember looking up at my hands in the dark, confused, wondering why I couldn’t let go, exhilarated at the same time watching the horses exhaling great clouds of steam staring down at me before they galloped off in all directions at once.

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