I am a Christian woman. Love me some Jesus. Don’t get me wrong, the first time I see God I’m gonna punch Him right square in the mouth on account of the whole trans thing…and maybe for mosquitoes too. We can spend the rest of eternity sorting it out. But in all seriousness, TV evangelism is cancerous.

They are predators who survive off of the poor’s money claiming they represent God and what to do with His money, specifically to pay their mortgage payments for their summer condos and Bentley’s. Meanwhile, you get some tap water that some idiot did a hookah dance over and called it God’s fountain.

These guys and gals are preying off of people’s fear. If…if you give them a donation, or a tithe, then…THEN, God will bless you. Uh, that’s not how that works player. This indicates that if you don’t give this hustler money then God won’t bless you. That’s…ahem…bullshit.

If the government wants to regulate so much, they should regulate these Evangelical predators who accept donations in the name of God and preach about feeding the poor as they broadcast from their million dollar mansions, Creflo Dollar, Jimmy Swaggert Ministries (wasn’t he busted for hookers or something, how is this guys name still credible to snort cash in?), TD Jakes. Just to name a few.

Stop throwing your money away so some hustler can pay off college admissions scammers so their derelict kids can go have beer pong lessons in college. How about instead you give your hard earned money to those who actually need it, call that a tithe. God will be proud that 10% of your money went to feed the homeless, actually.

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