If you look to ancient deities that are painted and documented all over the world, many are both sexes. Some are uni sexed, or some mixture of physical characteristics. Then take the Christian God for example, God is often referred to as a He. However, it is overlooked that both modernly classified genders came from the same Creator. Which to me points to one general direction, supreme beings are generally deviant from the standards people expect, its what makes them supreme.

Trans and gender nonconforming people fit into this category, as do most LGBTQ people. While modern society gets all religiously hateful on us, the truth is-my truth anyway- were evolved. We have embraced, no- led the future of human beings into evolution. Whether you are religious or not there is a legitimate argument to be made about why a small percentage of the population is the embodiment of all that humanity is comprised of.

While the world looks on in confusion as we go through our changes, like it or not-publicly- we are guiding society into an antagonistic future where sex is subjective and the standards of hetero-normativity is replaced by a new standard of actual free will.

Being told that God hates fags or that LGBT acceptance is causing natural disasters is a mindset that is still uninvolved. The same mentality sacrificed human beings to volcanoes to keep them quiet and to the sky for rain. When society dreams up, or maybe even sees, aliens and depicts them, they are sexless or androgynous. Often reproductive organs are of little concern when we think about an evolved species.

TGNC folks are not mistakes, we are the midpoint of evolution. Even as a Christian person I still see evolution on a micro level. I don’t believe a piece of dust exploded and the we evolved from bacteria to fish to apes to us. But small evolutionary anomalies exist, body hair is one, larger portions of our brains dedicated to speech, padding on our hands and feet is less necessity.

Now, the division of masculinity and femininity is being washed away and the heads of households are terrified that their positions of supremacy are in trouble.

And they are…

American lives have been built around men as supreme, white men. White women were subservient to white men and other races were less then. So of course the notion that there isn’t a division of capabilities classified by reproductive organs and dressage is a major threat to men’s way of life. In this society, they are still kings.

TGNC and LGBTQ folks threaten that by our very nature.

Here’s to making them tremble…

With Love
Jeff “Jeffebelle”