I thought of something really cool.. BEHOLD!! The first series of quilts made from a Top Down procedure! I’ll explain, because I’m getting a little mathy. Use your mind’s eye for me, K? Picture a big triangle. It’s black. A big black triangle with all sides the same length. …we call that “equilateral”. Now, if I drew a DOT at the middle of each edge, then connected those edges by straight lines, the triangle will be divided into 4 equal sized equilateral triangles, where the one in the middle is upside down. ?. ..okay. all we did is divide the damned triangle into 4 similar triangles. Now throw the middle (upside down) triangle out. Basically you should have three triangles stacked into a pyramid. Again, all we did was divide a triangle into 4 and remove the center piece. Now with all the 3 remaining triangles, repeat the process. You will have 9 smaller upright black triangles. If you do it again, you will have 27. Again, gives 81, and so on. This removing pieces is called a Top Down procedure. I want to do this removal method by quilt. It sounds easy, but if any of you are quilters, you’re probably laughing at me. .. You’ll see.. it’ll work. I’m going to built quilt fractals by a new technique.















































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