OK, before anyone gets all abomination-ey on me, read the whole thing…then get pissed.

Reason #1: Prostate! Strange place to put something that brings so much pleasure. I mean, God could have put that anywhere, but in there? There’s only a few ways to reach that thang!

Reason #2: Who knows how to please a woman better than another woman? I mean seriously, its no secret that many women go a very long time without experiencing the big “O”, another woman can solve that pretty dang cleverly. Just sayin”

Reason #3: Pieces fit. I’m not gonna get all x-rated on ya, you get the idea. 

Reason #4: A man has nipples! What are they for? Ever think about that? If God is perfect, and I believe He is, those little nubs of electricity producing fun gotta be good for something, no women I’ve ever heard of have peeled a mans shirt off and were like “Ooh, look at those nip nips, yup gotta put those in my mouth!” 

Reason #5: My fave, because homosexuality exists, no denying it, and God created everything… than that means God understands homoerotic, lesbianism, bisexuality, what men’s nips are good for, that men would figure (and a LOT of women too) out that the backdoor is a harbinger of AMAZINGNESS, nobody knows how to please a women better than another woman…yup…

That’s why I am pretty sure that God is at least bisexual. 

Ok, now you can tell me what an abomination I am.

But this is where I tell you “Honey, God says I am His bride, guess what… I’m a dude and that means God endorses Gay marriage…”

With Love, Proudly