I hear this constantly from bigoted old men. They get mad because they are homophobic and when they go to watch some show the inevitable fag appears and ruins the whole dang show. Yeah yeah yeah…

I have to be honest here and say that I could really care less what they think. I am genuinely tired of being acceptable only when I’m on my knees or hidden as some married guys weird side piece.

I’m gay and I’m tired of apologizing for it. Saying that there is too much gay on TV is like saying there is to much black on TV. Guess what, how soon people forget that just 50 years ago that’s EXACTLY what racist old white guys were saying about blacks on TV. What was said about Richard Pryor or Sammy Davis Jr? C’mon, Google it. Blacks were represented in cameos on every television show because media plays a gigantic role in making things acceptable and or ‘normal’. Like multiracial TV. Now its gays. 

For those of us that live open and affirming LGBT lifestyles we shouldn’t be ashamed or allow anyone to try and make us feel ashamed because they are homophobic. We need more gay representation on mainstream TV. VH1 just picked up two shows where homosexuals are the target audience and Oxygen followed suit with Strut. This is 2016 and there is three shows that are aimed at me? 

We still have a long ways to go before were socially acceptable. Anyone tells you anything different and they are obviously not with the modern world. 

With Love
Jeff Utnage