I am very busy. I say this as more of sigh of relief, reassurance that its possible. I am very busy. Then I prioritize and realize I just don’t have enough time in the day to give real time to everything. So I have big projects that are taking a long time. Because more and more have sprung up I now have multiple ‘big’ projects. 
I am very busy and it is stressing me out. This is a more realistic assessment of my situation. There is only one problem, I’m just to dang busy to allow it to hinder me. Its a snare I have been caught in too many times. I am tired of getting caught in the overwhelmed stage of life and then having to restart after a supreme meltdown. So instead of allowing this to happen, let’s regroup now, while I still recognize I am struggling.
I have things that are extremely important to me and things I’m doing just because. The ‘just because’ category are things I don’t want to do, but have agreed to do for one reason or another. So this is what I’m going to do, June is Pride month and I have many people within these walls who want to help make it special. I am going to focus on Pride month because its the most urgent for me and the most important to me at the moment.

So don’t be afraid to try a new tactic, a new way of dealing with a situation. Its all good to experiment.

With Love

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